GPG4Win: Kleopatra won’t import certificate or does not show list of certificates during encryption

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Windows 7. 32 bit. One fine day GPG4Win’s mistress Kleopatra stopped showing public keys of people. I could not encrypt files anymore because of missing public keys.

I gently nudged Ms.Kleo to import certificates. But at the end of the import, Ms.Kleo purrs with message “…. processed:0, imported:0”. Certificates are not imported. Gaah!

Time to fire up handy sysinternals tool “procmon”. I’ll not go into details of analysis. I noticed that gpg.conf used in this case is coming from “My Documents\PGP-Keyrings\gpg4win”. Opened “gpg.conf” and noticed that entries for primary-keyring and secret-keyring got corrupted. They are pointing to wrong location where public and secret key rings are located (not sure how this corruption happened).

Fix the location:

###+++—- GPG conf —+++###

primary-keyring “<path to pubring.pkr>”

secret-keyring “<path to secring.skr>”


Now Ms. Kleopatra behaves. Voila!



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