Explain ShellExecute

Will debug code to cure world hunger. I support ethical reverse engineering and reverse unethical support engineering.

I think we are too late in controlling global warming. Italy will soon make pizzas outside in the heat waves during summer, while India will be swagging under destructive monsoons. All the massive whales will migrate to south pole causing slight tilt in the Earth’s axis. If elephants too move there, God bless us.

I draw cartoons and cook up fun which is indigestible for many and passes through bowels unhindered for others; Only few can digest and have a laugh while some others laugh and then try to digest. My thoughts are mostly non sequitur and so are my writings. Sometimes I’m philosophical; I ask myself “Why am I what I am…am…amm? Am I real or in someone else’s dream? Does God really exist? If yes, why cannot I figure out relativity and Grand Unified Theory, or, for that matter, Graph theory? If he really exists, please could he pass on simpler proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem than the currently accepted one? Why do Doctors do bypass surgery while standing and not while passing by? Is it some kind of conspiracy?

Some of my favourite cartoonists: Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, John Caldwell, Gary Larson, Bill Watterson, Paul Coker. I’m proud to have been figured in one of Nostradamus’ prophecies: “A man will rise in the east from the Indus Land below; So will many others who rise every morning from the bed; But, behold, this man will not only rise, but keeps forgetting to carry his ID to the workplace.”


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