GPG4Win: Kleopatra won’t import certificate or does not show list of certificates during encryption

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Windows 7. 32 bit. One fine day GPG4Win’s mistress Kleopatra stopped showing public keys of people. I could not encrypt files anymore because of missing public keys.

I gently nudged Ms.Kleo to import certificates. But at the end of the import, Ms.Kleo purrs with message “…. processed:0, imported:0”. Certificates are not imported. Gaah!

Time to fire up handy sysinternals tool “procmon”. I’ll not go into details of analysis. I noticed that gpg.conf used in this case is coming from “My Documents\PGP-Keyrings\gpg4win”. Opened “gpg.conf” and noticed that entries for primary-keyring and secret-keyring got corrupted. They are pointing to wrong location where public and secret key rings are located (not sure how this corruption happened).

Fix the location:

###+++—- GPG conf —+++###

primary-keyring “<path to pubring.pkr>”

secret-keyring “<path to secring.skr>”


Now Ms. Kleopatra behaves. Voila!



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CAPICOM KeyUsage IsDecipherOnlyEnabled crap

Posted on December 9, 2009. Filed under: bugs, Woes | Tags: |

I was trying to parse a certificate (in VBScript) and found that CAPICOM is returning true for call


But in my certificate the DER BITSTRING is set to B1 (10110001). This means Decipher Only bit is not set and should not be considered (actual DER coding is like this 030200b1 . For a NamedBitString unused/unset trailing bits are removed before encoding. )

So I wondered why CAPICOM is showing it as true when this bit is not set. I looked up into capicom.dll and found this:

CKeyUsage::get_IsDigitalSignatureEnabled and CKeyUsage::get_IsDecipherOnlyEnabled are both set to same address of the function implementation and it looks like code inside returns DigitalSignature flag bit.

Because in my certificate DigitalSignature bit is set, I’m getting back true even for “DecipherOnly” flag. GAAAH!!!

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Aphorism for Christmas 2008

Posted on November 21, 2008. Filed under: bugs | Tags: |

“Diamonds are forever but bugs are an error”

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Dr. Debugalov cartoon marathon slow down…

Posted on July 20, 2008. Filed under: bugs, cartoons, Debugging |

It was a marathon. A week of Dr. Debugalov’s debugging tales’ cartoons has ended. My free time last week is over and I’ll be developing and debugging in a new project. It does not mean there will be no more cartoons 🙂 I’ll more or less sketch a cartoon-a-day.

It is little time-consuming to scan and transfer pencil drawing to digital form and work on it. I’m still struggling with GIMP and Artweaver (both are excellent freeware raster graphics programs). Smoothness of pencil drawing is lost (due to grayscale pixels) when scanned and that is the main problem for me.

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Vista Ultimate EFS bug in search pane

Posted on May 26, 2008. Filed under: bugs, Woes |

Found this bug under Vista Ultimate 32-bit US.

Assume you have EFS keys configured.

Do a search for files you know have been encrypted or for that matter any file. In the search results pane, right click on a file. You’ll see “Encrypt” in the context menu. Click on it. But encryption does not happen. So, why show “Encrypt” in context menu?

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